Making Waves in Sonoma and Mendocino

We are officially making waves in the Sonoma and Mendocino region?!Our very own Lisa Lee, Brand Ambassador for the Sonoma region, has been using her expansion efforts to gain traction in the historical part of town. She has been talking to the pillars of the community; Pillars such as Gloria Ferrer, Bill Prices’ Three Sticks at The Adobe, and the award winning Sondra Bernstein who owns the infamous the girl and the fig restaurant. Sondra recently opened up a tasting room called The Rhone Room, pictured above, and she said that she “loves the concept of my wine society” and is “looking forward to joining the site?.”

In Mendocino, Brianna Lamb, our Community Manager here at My Wine Society, discovered how we can help meet the needs of this unique region?. She started in the Redwood Valley where she met with winemakers and tasted at Frey Vineyards, Testa, and Toxqui. At Saracina, Brianna was able to experience a winery tour and picnic lunch. We are expanding and flourishing in both Mendocino and Sonoma, and we are continuing to discover how My Wine Society can help and serve these regions. We are truly making waves with wine!!!

Wine Events Around the World!


Scottsdale Wine Fest ?
This Saturday in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Annual Wine Fest will take place in Old Town. The event will have a photo contest and free rides will be available for people traveling to and from the event thanks to their partnership with Lyft. Discount tickets are available for a limited time and cost $20. To purchase, click here.
Pinot Noir Night in Edinburgh?
Rose Murray Brown will be having a masterclass on the 14th of December in Edinburgh, Scotland. This relaxing event will allow guests to sample 13 different Pinots from around the world in The Vaults of Giles Street.
For more information about wine events around the world, download the app here.

Product of the Week!

Sipcaddy Wine Holder

With your in-laws in town and the stress of Christmas approaching, a bubble bath may be necessary?. Thanks to SipCaddy, a company that specializes in portable wine holders for both the bath and shower, you can now sip and simmer down at the same time. It’s available in six different colors and makes the perfect stocking stuffer! To purchase, click here.

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