The Mexico Launch Was A Hit!!!

Weekly Highlight

Someone pull us back down to earth, because we are still floating on cloud nine after our fabulous Mexico launch event. This event was pure bliss and an amazing step forward for My Wine Society. Local wine makers were in attendance, as well as other wine influencers, wineries and MWS app users. We tasted amazing wine with five of our partner wineries and brought on a brand new winery in the process. The soiree was an absolute hit! With a sold out food truck and bellies full of delicious wine, event goers were happy and buzzing! Take us back to Mexico please, because that launch event was pure perfection.

Memes and Merlot

Check out this awesome meme by @drunkdisney! Talk about relatable!! 

Product of the Week

#For The Throne

As winter is coming to an end, we are reminded that another kind of winter is coming. The battle for the throne is about to begin, and if you love Game of Thrones, you’re going to need a set of these wine stoppers for the season premier! Each stopper is adorned with a different house symbol; It’s all of your favorite houses on top of your favorite wines! Click on the picture to buy your very own set.  

“The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.
– Benjamin Franklin

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