January 2020 Newsletter

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Blended Festival

Blended Festival is super excited to start announcing specific details.  We have already started awareness campaigns on Facebook and will continue to promote as more details become available.

 Orange County
Our first festival will take place in Huntington Beach, hopefully at Magnolia Street, on June 27.  Cinematic has submitted all the paperwork but it will take time for the city to review and finalize.

Baja California
The second festival will take place on July 18th at Bodegas del Valle in the wine region of Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico.  Hausa Entertainment is busy designing the festival with top talent, sponsors and activations.  A detailed site inspection will be taking place this week.  We will be able to accomplish a lot during the visit.  Hausa Entertainment has been working hard to create one for the books.

The third festival planned for July in Chicago will be announced soon, as we confirm with our partner production company, Intersport. 

San Diego
The fourth and largest festival is planned for August 29th at Waterfront Park in San Diego. Everything should be locked down and ready to begin marketing this week. 

We are moving along in the Blended world. We are days away from locking down our venues, and should be able to announce our headliners soon.

Media Labs

Our media labs initiative is a tech program to involve wineries and urban tasting rooms with their customers by incorporating app functions and bringing the millennial revolution of technology to an aging industry. Wineries with kiosks placed will be united under the MWS umbrella gaining advertising opportunities on the devices, and opportunity to become involved in our SMS program, enabling them to maintain communication with their customers even after they leave their venue.

MWS has targeted regions across California and the United States and hope to install 400 kiosks by year-end 2020. We are working on securing a partnership with Priority Wine Pass, an app working with hundreds of wineries on the west coast, maintaining relationships and offering exposure through in-app offers for consumers. This partnership will allow us to further expand our reach as a company and for our media lab initiative.
 My Wine Society has our first revenue coming in from our new product, My Wine Cam. We have seen a lot of traction from it so far as multiple people from all demographics have been using it. It will definitely be influential to our future success.   

App Development

Over the course of the last month we have taken the next step in our app development and build out process. Our in house product development team created a road map for the app build out which includes upgrades and new features that we are very excited to share with the MWS global wine community

Some of the new features we are excited to implement are Blended ticketing (a scannable ticket that will live within the app for Blended festival goers), the “plan” feature where users can plan and book their wine excursions via listings of live events, tasting rooms, and wineries, and most importantly, a simplified interface that is user intuitive and easy to navigate for all of our MWS users.

With the road map as the basis for the app build,  we have also developed a “Low-Fi”, also known as a Low Fidelity Prototype of the app that focuses on structure, process, function, and provides the simplest framework and elements of the app. 

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